Ingredient and Nutrition Labeling

2003 Petition for Improved Labeling

TTB Proposed "Serving Facts" Rule

CSPI Responses to TTB Proposed Rule

Action Alert :  Learn more about Proposed TTB Labeling Rule-- 08/21/07

Issue Update:  CSPI supports TTB rule on food allergen labeling of alcoholic beverages -- 12/14/06

Action Alert:  Submit comments by Sept. 25 to the TTB on allergen labeling in alcoholic beverages! -- 7/26/06

Issue Update:  CSPI's Comments to the TTB on Ingredient Labeling. -- 9/23/05

Issue Update:  Better Business Bureau Rules That Coors Ad Violates Advertising Pledge; Brewer Pulls Ad. -- 8/11/05

Issue Update:  Talking Points and Discussion for Responding
to TTB's Request for Comments on Alcohol Labeling Issues. --

Issue Update:  TTB Requests Public Comment on Labeling Proposal. -- 4/29/05

Issue Update:  CSPI responds to Tax and Trade Bureau Voluntary Label Proposal. -- 8/18/04

Petition to the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau:  CSPI, the National Consumers League, and 67 other organizations sent a petition requesting improved mandatory label information on alcoholic beverages. -- 12/2003

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