State Alcohol Taxes and Health:
A Citizen's Action Guide


Chapter 1: Making Sense of Alcohol Excise Taxes
Chapter 2: Why Increase Alcohol Excise Taxes?
Chapter 3: Reforming Alcohol Tax Policies

Chapter 4: Estimating the Effects of Higher Alcoholic-Beverage Taxes on Prices, Consumption,
                 Revenues, and Costs Related to Alcohol Problems

Chapter 5: The Other Side: Opposition to Tax Increases
Chapter 6: Assessing State and Local Alcohol Costs
Chapter 7: Mounting a Public Education Campaign
Appendix A: Support for Alcohol Excise Tax Increases
Appendix B: State Alcohol Tax Rates, 1995
Appendix C: State Earmarks of Alcoholic-Beverage Taxes
Appendix D: Consumer Price Index, 1995
Appendix E: Information Sources
Appendix F: Leading Studies on the Effects of Alcohol Tax Increases


The Federation of Tax Administrators maintains a record of current state tax rates:
beer                     liquor                     wine

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the current CPI.

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