in the House Appropriations Committee, Tuesday, July 13, 1999

A "No" vote is one that supports the broad coalition of organizations that have been working to add underage drinking prevention messages to the ONDCP campaign. A "Yes" vote supports the position of the National Beer Wholesalers Association and its allies.

Appropriations Committee Member Vote
Aderholt (R-AL) NO
Bonilla (R-TX) YES
Boyd (D-FL) YES
Callahan (R-AL) ABSENT
Clyburn (D-SC) YES
Cramer (D-AL) YES
Cunningham (R-CA) YES
DeLauro (D-CT) NO
DeLay (R-TX) YES
Dickey (R-AR) NO
Dicks (D-WA) NO
Dixon (D-CA) NO
Edwards (D-TX) YES
Emerson (R-MO) ABSENT
Farr (D-CA) YES
Forbes (R-NY) NO
Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) YES
Granger (R-TX) YES
Hinchey (D-NY) NO
Hobson (R-OH) NO
Hoyer (D-MD) NO
Istook (R-OK) YES
Jackson (D-IL) ABSENT
Kaptur (D-OH) ABSENT
Kilpatrick (D-MI) NO
Kingston (R-GA) YES
Knollenberg (R-MI) YES
Kolbe (R-AZ) YES
Latham (R-IA) YES
Lewis (R-CA) YES
Lowey (D-NY) NO
Meek (D-FL) NO
Miller (R-FL) YES
Mollohan (D-WV) NO
Moran (D-VA) NO
Murtha (D-PA) ABSENT
Nethercutt (R-WA) YES
Northup (R-KY) YES
Obey (D-WI) YES
Olver (D-MA) NO
Packard (R-CA) NO
Pastor (D-AZ) YES
Pelosi (D-CA) ABSENT
Peterson (R-PA) YES
Porter (R-IL) YES
Price (D-NC) YES
Regula (R-OH) NO
Rogers (R-KY) YES
Roybal-Allard (D-CA) NO
Sabo (D-MN) NO
Serrano (D-NY) NO
Skeen (R-NM) YES
Sununu (R-NH) YES
Taylor (R-NC) YES
Tiahrt (R-KS) YES
Visclosky (D-IN) YES
Walsh (R-NY) YES
Wamp (R-TN) NO
Wicker (R-MS) YES
Wolf (R-VA) NO
Young (R-FL) NO