Centre for Science in the Public Interest
Championing Public Health Nutrition

Health and food-policy experts, key policy-makers, journalists, and health advocates from across Canada and around the world will explore how to reform public health nutrition policies. Attendees will examine proposals to strengthen school nutrition standards and subsidies, require nutrition information on restaurant menus and menu boards, reduce the amount of sodium in the Canadian food supply and diets of Canadians and, generally to better make food policies serve rather than erode public health. We’ll also explore whether the burden of proof for enacting child protection policies is wisely placed and we’ll pressure-test the case for embracing the financial “prevention dividends” of improving nutrition policies. We will convene in the recently renovated historic Canadian Museum of Nature which was home to the House of Commons and Senate of Canada 1916-1920 following the fire that razed the Centre Block of Parliament at the other end of Meltcalfe Street.

Championing Public Health Nutrition 2010
October 25-26, 2010 at the Canadian Museum of Nature
240 McLeod Street Ottawa, Canada

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