Editorials & Op. Eds 

 Repeal Colorado’s Food Sedition Law
   Thomas B. Kelley & Ronald Collins
The Denver Post, September 19, 1999
Congress Must Address Food-Disparagement Laws
   Ronald K.L. Collins
The Baltimore Sun June 10, 1999

Take the Gag Off Food Safety Issues
   J. Robert Hatherill
Los Angeles Times  April 12, 1999

Safe Win or Lose, Dissing Food Can be Costly
   Ronald K.L. Collins & Jonathan Bloom
The National Law Journal March 1, 1999

CNN Interview with Prof. Richard Epstein concerning food-disparagement laws
  CNN Interview
Book Publishing & Food Libel Laws
   Ronald K.L. Collins
National Law Journal  June 22, 1998

Who is Behind the “Veggie Libel Laws”? & The Oprah Verdict: Good News and Bad News
   Michele Simon
Vegan Online Magazine  March 16, 1998

Veggie Libel, Wilted Press
   Ken Silverstein
The Nation  April 20, 1998

The High Cost of Free Speech
   Robert Miraldi
Poughkeepsie Journal-Gannett Newspapers  April 5, 1998.

“Veggie-Libel” Law Still Poses a Threat
   Ronald K.L. Collins & Paul McMasters
Legal Times  March 23, 1998

Food For Thought — And Speech
   Nadine Strossen
Intellectual Capital.com  February 26, 1998

United Farm Workers Oppose Veggie-Libel Laws
   Marc Grossman
Bakersfield Californian  February 19, 1998

Speech on food safety is on trial
   Ronald K.L. Collins
Baltimore Sun  February 1, 1998

Food Safety Critics Need Free-Speech Protection; Texas Law Is Too Strict
   Ronald K.L. Collins
New York Times  January 26, 1998

Oprah Suit — What Happens When Laws Stifle Debate
   Gary L. Francione and Anna E. Charlton
San Francisco Chronicle  January 23, 1998

Ranchers Have a Silly Beef with Oprah Winfrey Remark
   Molly Ivins
Philadelphia Daily News  January 12, 1998

Defaming cattle or damaging democracy?
   Paul McMasters
Freedom Forum
Food slander laws in the US: the Criminalization of Dissent
The Ecologist  Nov-Dec 1997

Libel Concerns Are A Reality For Scientists Who Speak Out In Public
   Robert Finn
The Scientist  March 18, 1996