Integrity in Science
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Keynote Address
Integrity in Science
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Keynote Address
—Brian Baird D-WA
Plenary Debate
—"The Data Quality Act and OMB Peer Review Honest Evaluations or New Tools for Manufacturing Doubt and Delay?"
Panel A
—"Misusing Science To Manufacture Doubt and Delay"
Panel B
—"Corporate and Government Suppression of Research"
Rachel Carson Award
—Presentation of Award to Theo Colborn
After Lunch Speaker
—"Industry-Driven Science and the Corruption of Evidence-Based Medicine"
Plenary Panel
—"Science v. Commerce in Medicine"
Panel A
—"Science Journals, Science Journalism and Disclosure"
Panel B
—"The Real Junk Science"
Final Plenary
—"A Program for Reform"

Brian Baird

"The unwillingness of the President and Congressional leaders to respect and defend, perhaps even to understand, scientific integrity and independence is symptomatic of a much broader resistance to dissent, debate and intellectual openness in the rest of society."
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