Integrity in Science
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Panel B
Integrity in Science
Articles, Press Releases, Reports
Keynote Address
—Brian Baird D-WA
Plenary Debate
—"The Data Quality Act and OMB Peer Review Honest Evaluations or New Tools for Manufacturing Doubt and Delay?"
Panel A
—"Misusing Science To Manufacture Doubt and Delay"
Panel B
—"Corporate and Government Suppression of Research"
Rachel Carson Award
—Presentation of Award to Theo Colborn
After Lunch Speaker
—"Industry-Driven Science and the Corruption of Evidence-Based Medicine"
Plenary Panel
—"Science v. Commerce in Medicine"
Panel A
—"Science Journals, Science Journalism and Disclosure"
Panel B
—"The Real Junk Science"
Final Plenary
—"A Program for Reform"

Corporate and Government Suppression of Research
Corporate and government suppression of research can obscure public health risks and lead to insufficient and misguided regulation. Panelists discuss examples of manipulation of science surrounding environmental toxins and food standards and their effects on public wellbeing.

Moderator: Chris C. Mooney, Freelance Journalist
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Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of California-Berkley

Bio with Disclosure
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"What does it take to [have a study show] a non-effect of atrazine?...One hundred percent of those studies were funded by Syngenta [the makers of atrazine]. The studies that found effects were funded by the Japanese government, the US government, the Canadian government, and private foundations."

"Companies who can foist health and safety and environmental costs...onto customers, workers and neighbors can walk away with more money than competitors, even putting them out of business. And if they don't do it, if you have an ethical company, they'll go out of business, because they can't compete with unethical companies."

David Egilman, M.D., MPH
Clinical Associate Professor
Dept. of Community Health Brown University

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David Lewis, Ph.D.
Research Microbiologist
and former EPA scientist

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"[The EPA may have begun with] an approach [of] getting data supportive of their policy. It has evolved rather quickly into a system of publishing, in my opinion, misleading scientific data."

"I find it appalling that the current baseline studies that we are using [to reduce pathogens in meat and poultry products] are ten years old. Recent consolidation in the meat and poultry industries, as well as updates in their production practices in the past several years alone [would make] you think these standards antiquated."

Michael Kowalcyk
Safe Tables Our Priority

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