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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding

A September 15, 1997, AVMA statement said:

“Bayer Animal Health and Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. have pledged major financial commitments to the AVMA over the next few years. AVMA president (1996-1997), Dr. Mary Beth Leininger, told attendees: ‘Tonight, two great companies Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. and Bayer Animal Health are joining with me in making the first public announcement of an unprecedented level of corporate support for our profession and our Association.... Each of the companies has generously pledged to provide the profession and AVMA with ground breaking support over the next three to five years. This historic action on the part of Hill’s and Bayer will take the form of direct financial support of AVMA-sponsored programs and projects and the allocation of their corporate resources to greatly enhance these efforts. With tonight’s announcement, Hill’s and Bayer have gone beyond simple sponsorship. These two companies are showing through this historic and unique commitment an understanding and belief in the important interrelationship between our profession and the entire animal health care industry that we have not seen before.’”

[Robert Wheeler, chairman and CEO of Hill’s:] “Today I take great pleasure in announcing that Hill’s will fund AVMA at a level of $1 million over three years. These funds will support the AVMA convention and a myriad of other meetings in disaster relief, animal welfare, educational symposia, and veterinary practice management.”

[John Payne of Bayer said:] “That’s why I am proud to announce a long-range, five-year financial commitment to the AVMA.”

“Dr. Leininger summed it up. ‘This is a landmark day for all of us, thanks to Bayer and Hill’s.’” (, October 26, 2000)

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