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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding

“ABEC is a national, non-profit organization designed to promote a dialogue with community leaders across the U.S. on issues involving America’s growing demand for electricity. ABEC will advocate in support of policies that strike the proper balance between protecting the environment and providing for continued economic growth and prosperity for America’s working families...America’s coal-based electricity industry (producers, transporters, and electricity generators) have provided the primary initial funding for this worthwhile project.” (; accessed 6/04/03)

Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC) is a nonprofit group funded by railroads, coal producers and users, and electric utilities. Its sponsors include the utility conglomerate Southern, one of the leading U.S. energy producers, and the American Association of Railroads, whose membership transport coal (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 4/21/00). ABEC’s advertisements advocate on behalf of the use of coal.

ABEC began a national television campaign in April 2000 advocating an increased use of coal for the nation's electrical needs. The ads say increased coal use led to improvements in the environment. The ad was scheduled to run indefinitely on CNN and Headline News (National Journal Group, 7/11/00). The total cost for the ad campaign will be “more than $5 million in 2000.” (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 4/21/00).

“[C]oal, rail and power companies such as Peabody Holdings Inc., Burlington Northern/Santa Fe, and Southern Co., provided funding last year to start Americans for Balanced Energy Choices, to develop grass-roots support for coal. ABEC has set up a Web site and prepared a media advertising budget of several million dollars to…counter the influence of environmental organizations.” (Washington Post, March 25, 2001, A05)

The total cost for ABEC’s legislative issue ad campaign for 2001-2002 was an estimated $8.32 million. (Falk, Erika. Legislative Issue Advertising in the 107th Congress July 2003, The Annenberg Public Policy Center, 2003, page 12.; accessed 6/04/03)

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