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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding
“The Coalition for Healthcare Communication defends the right of health professionals and consumers to receive truthful information regarding pharmaceuticals and medical products, as safeguarded by the Constitution of the United States. Founded in 1991 . . . the Coalition's role is first, to defend the rights of medical professionals and consumers to receive appropriate health care information, and second, to act to prevent or reverse actions interfering with the free flow of healthcare information.”

The group and the associated Coalition for Healthcare Communication Foundation is a 501(c)(6) organization whose mailing address is listed at the Pharmaceutical Advertising Council, Inc. in Cos Cob, CT. With offices in New York City and Washington, DC, the group fights to maintain direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising and the drug industry’s role in providing continuing medical education (CME). CHC’s 2004 annual report, authored by executive director John Kamp, claims it successfully fought the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)’s “confusing conflict of interest clause, which was read by some to essentially bar anyone engaged by a pharmaceutical or other healthcare company from participating in CME sponsored by those companies. . . In response to widespread concerns of the Coalition and other stakeholder organizations, the ACCME has actively worked to clarify the intent of the changes, and to insure that the rules do not have the unintended effect of limiting speakers and drug company support for CME.”

Dues-paying member groups include:

American Association of Advertising Agencies

American Advertising Federation

American Business Media

American Medical Publishers Association

Association of Medical Publications

Association of National Advertisers

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Healthcare Marketing and Communications Council

Medical Marketing Association

Midwest Healthcare Marketing Association

Public Relations Society of America

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