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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding

The NCL’s “mission is to identify, protect, represent, and advance the economic and social interests of consumers and workers. [The NCL is] the nation’s oldest consumer organization.” (; accessed 5/22/03)

“The biggest givers [to NCL for the years 2000 and 2001] included Bell Atlantic ($50,000), Bridgestone Firestone ($25,000), Bristol Myers Squibb ($125,000), Edison Electric Institute ($234,919), First USA ($100,000), GlaxoSmithKline ($26,800), Kaiser ($66,048), Microsoft ($50,000), Porter Novelli ($66,950), Titan Corp. ($72,460), Verizon ($204,667), VISA USA ($52,000), and Wyeth Ayerst ($337,500).” (Corporate Crime Reporter 2002; 16(48):6)

NCL distributed public service announcements on overuse of antibiotics; underwritten by Merck-Medco. (NCL Bulletin, Jan/Feb 1998;; accessed 5/22/03)

According to the Multinational Monitor: “while refusing to give specific numbers detailing how much money each particular corporation or industry association has contributed, League officials say that 39 percent of the group’s 1997 budget of $1.3 million came from corporations and industry associations....

“For example, a May conference, ‘Focus on Youth: The New Consumer Power,’ in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, is sponsored in large part by a coalition of major corporations that traditionally have been hostile to consumer interests, including Visa USA, the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association, the Chlorine Chemistry Council, Monsanto, General Motors, the public relations firm Burson-Marsteller and the National Meat Association.

“An April 1997 conference titled ‘Health Care: How Do Consumers Manage?’ was sponsored by major pharmaceutical and health care companies, including Bristol-Myers, Glaxo Wellcome, Pfizer, Wyeth-Ayerst Labs, the health maintenance organization Kaiser Permanente, Merck, PacifiCare Health Systems, SmithKline Beecham, and Pharmacia & Upjohn. Big labor unions are also listed as contributors to the conference....

“An Internet Fraud Watch program is being sponsored by MasterCard and NationsBank....

“One of three top contributors to the [NCL’s 1997 annual] dinner was Liz Claiborne. The other two were Allstate Insurance and Wyeth-Ayerst. The next five top contributors were AT&T, Edison Electric Institute, Monsanto Company, Schering Plough and Visa USA.

“Earlier in April, the League co-sponsored with the Electric Consumers’ Alliance a conference titled ‘Restructuring of the Electric Industry: What is the Impact?’ The Alliance is a front group for the Edison Electric Institute....

“A ‘Consumer Guide to Choosing Your Telephone Service’ was paid for by Ameritech.

“A ‘Consumer Credit Series’ of reports (Shopping for a Loan? How Much Is It Going to Cost?, Denied Credit? — The Credit Report Blues) was paid for by Fleet Finance Inc, a subsidiary of Fleet Financial Group.

“A brochure titled ‘Making Sense of Your New Communications Choices’ was paid for by GTE.

“A pamphlet titled ‘Take Care with Over the Counter Asthma Medicine’ was paid for by Syntex, a pharmaceutical company.

“A newsletter, ‘Community Credit Link,’ was paid for by Visa USA.”

(Multinational Monitor 1998; 18(4),; accessed 5/22/03)

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