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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding
According to its website, "the coalition aims to stem the tide of unnecessary deaths that result from undiagnosed and untreated [Cardiovascular Disease] by creating events that inspire and empower baby boomers to take responsibility for their heart health." (

According to the Wall Street Journal (Erin White, Behind the 'Boomer Coalition,' A Heart Message From Pfizer, 3/10/04, pg. B1), "the Boomer Coalition is the invention of a tiny Dutch-based ad shop [called StrawberryFrog] and its giant multinational drug-company client [Pfizer], which are targeting an enormous generational swath with a new case of cause marketing....Pfizer provided initial funding, estimated at less than $10 million, for the group; two Pfizer executives -- a medical expert and a marketer from the company's cardiovascular-disease team -- are on the coalition's six-member advisory board."  Pfizer paid StrawberryFrog to create an ad that ran during the 2004 Oscar Awards telecast to give the Boomers wide public exposure.

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