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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding

“USA Next (United Seniors Association) considers itself to be the conservative alternative to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) which it regards as too liberal. USA Next is part of the Uniting the Generations for America’s Future Network, which claims more than 1.5 million members across the nation. Its motto is: ‘Building a Legacy of Freedom for America’s Families’.” (; accessed 3/28/05)

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the group accepted donations of $1.5 million from Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, $664,000 from an industry group called Citizens for Better Medicare, and $50,000 from Pfizer. (Thomma, Steven. “AARP opposed in bid for members, money,” Akron Beacon Journal, 3/27/05, p.5)

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