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It's a Wrap
Ethnic Gourmet's Ethnic WrapsIf you’ve ever devoured a delicious wrap from a shop like Wrap Works, with its succulent chicken or grilled vegetables, you might have wished for a freezer full of them.

    Well, push the ice cube trays aside. Ethnic Gourmet’s four Ethnic Wraps capture the thrill you felt the first time you lit into a fresh-made wrap, and they do it without making your hips, arteries, or blood pressure pay.

    Each seasoned flatbread wrapper is packed with some combination of vegetables like carrots, onions, green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and peas plus a little something extra—Indian cheese in the Vegetable Paneer, tofu in the Kung Pao Tofu, Veat (soy protein that’s a dead ringer for chicken) in the Vegetarian Peanut Satay, and chicken in the Chicken Tikka Masala. But it’s the curry, ginger, and other authentic spices that make the Wraps taste like Indian, Thai, or Chinese takeout.

    The (eight-ounce) wraps average 340 calories, 10 grams of total fat (less than two of them saturated), and 390 milligrams of sodium. And the vegetables average an impressive four grams of fiber.

    Everyone gets the there’s -nothing-quick-and-healthy-and-different-to-eat blues now and again.

    Put away your harmonica.
Ripped 'N Hipped
Stefano Foods Rip-n-Dip Stuffed Pizza Ring“Mealtime, snacktime, anytime!” That’s when Stefano Foods suggests that you dig into a Rip-n-Dip Stuffed Pizza Ring. To put it gently, the crust ain’t the only thing that gets stuffed.

    For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, Stefano wraps its fatty pizza dough ring around one of three fatty, salty stuffings: 3 Meat, Four Cheese, or Cheese & Pepperoni. You rip off a chunk of the ring and dip it into the handy container of tomato sauce inside the ring.

    Yessirree. Most people could use a 350-calorie snack that conveniently swallows roughly a third of a day’s saturated fat and sodium...assuming you stop ripping and dipping after only a quarter of the ring.

    And just who can afford that kind of snack isn’t clear. Opportunities and inducements to eat are available 24/7 and (not coincidentally) more than one out of two Americans are overweight or obese.

    Like stuffed crust pizzas, this stuffed ring has the dubious distinction of making regular pizza look virtuous. What was wrong with the old-fashioned, crusty, unstuffed pizza crust?

    It’s always fun to try new foods. Let’s hope the novelty wears off before all those rips and dips start to show up on your hips.

Ethnic Gourmet: (720) 887-0849.

Stefano Foods: (704) 399-3935.
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