Nutrition Action Healthletter
October 1999 — U.S. Edition

Right Stuff vs. Food Porn.
C R E A M  O F  T H E  C R O P

If you want something to pour over your cereal, if you’re whipping up a smoothie, or if you’re looking for an ice-cold glass of refreshment, low-fat or fat-free (skim) milk should keep your taste buds smiling. But if you’re in the mood for Fettuccine Alfredo, turkey tetrazzini, shrimp bisque, or something else that’s usually made with cream, low-fat milk may leave your tongue a tad disappointed.
   Enter Land O’ Lakes Fat Free Half & Half. It looks and tastes like half & half, but it’s made mostly of skim milk (and a little carrageenan for body) instead of half cream and half whole milk. That can revolutionize a typical Fettuccine Alfredo recipe, which could easily call for a quarter-cup (or more!) of heavy cream per serving, at the unsightly cost of 22 grams of fat, 14 of them saturated...not including the butter or Parmesan cheese. With Fat Free Half & Half, those numbers drop to zero, but the flavor doesn’t budge.
   You can also indulge in a tablespoon or two of Land O’ Lakes for your coffee, macaroni and cheese, or mashed potatoes. You won’t save as much because each tablespoon of whole milk or real half & half has only a gram or two of fat. But if you use two or three tablespoons per cup of coffee...and drink two or three cups a day...maybe a pint of Fat Free Half & Half belongs in your fridge.
   We’ve got one in ours.

Land O’ Lakes-(800) 328-4155.
R O T T E N  (B I G)  A P P L E 

First a couple of “Fun Facts” about Pizza Hut’s Big New Yorker Pizza, compliments of the company’s Web site.

• The Big New Yorker plain cheese pizza weighs about three pounds before baking (the Italian sausage and mushroom pizza weighs 31/2 pounds).

• There are 60 slices of pepperoni on The Big New Yorker pepperoni pizza.

   And there’s this Fun Fact for the 17 people across America who haven’t seen the commercials or visited the Web site: “The Big New Yorker Pizza has a new extra large delivery pouch and cutting board because it’s too big for our current pouches and cutting boards.”
   When it comes to pizza, bigger isn’t better. Even if you split the Big New Yorker cheese pizza with three other people, for example, your two slices still end up with almost a full day’s saturated fat (17 grams) and sodium (2,200 mg).
And at 790 calories, you may want to add a notch to your belt.
   That’s without sausage, pepperoni, “pork topping,” or anything else.
   To your heart, your waistline, and your blood pressure, each slice of the average Big New Yorker Pizza is a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. The only difference: Most people stop at one burger.

Pizza Hut-(800) 948-8488.
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