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Uncanny Tuna
StarKist Albacore Tuna in a PouchCanned tuna has been a lunchtime staple forever. It’s delicious, it’s got those good omega-3 fats, and it’s convenient. Well, maybe not so convenient.

    First you need a can opener. Then you need a sink (to drain the can and wash your hands). That’s fine if you’re at home, but not if you’re trying to put your sandwich together at the office or on the road.

    Solution: tuna in a pouch. Tear open a vacuum-sealed bag of StarKist or Bumble Bee (unopened, they’ll keep for over a year in the cupboard). The tuna’s succulent, yet there’s no liquid to drain off. The chunks are firm, not mushy. But it’s the fresh taste that’ll seal the deal.

    Try it in a sandwich (mash with some light or low-fat mayo or, for a tangy kick, unflavored, non-fat yogurt). Toss it on a salad or throw some into a pita bread with some onion, tomato, and lettuce. You can even eat it right out of the pouch.

    The only drawback: the tuna is so good that you may end up eating too much sodium (250 mg in each quarter-cup) and mercury. To limit mercury you should limit tuna to 7 ounces a week (that’s one large pouch—about a cup). If you are (or are trying to become) pregnant, it’s five ounces a week. Children who weigh 25 to 45 pounds can have five ounces a month, while kids under 25 pounds can have half that much.
Mucho Grosso

Taco Bell's Mucho Grande NachosTaco Bell’s Taco Salad with Salsa is a real doozy. It delivers 850 calories, 95 percent of a day’s sodium, 80 percent of a day’s fat, and 70 percent of a day’s saturated fat. But it’s not the worst thing on the menu.

    Meet Taco Bell’s Mucho Grande Nachos—deep-fried nacho chips topped with ground beef, melted cheese, more ground beef, more melted cheese, even more ground beef, even more melted cheese, and a little chopped tomato.

    It’s mucho grande all right (that’s “much big” in Taco Bell’s version of Spanish). Weight (18 ounces)—just over a pound. Calories (1,320)—almost 70 percent of a day’s worth. Total fat (82 grams), saturated fat (25 grams), and sodium (2,670 milligrams)—each well over a day’s worth. Unfortunately, the price is anything but grande, so there’s little (except your good sense) to stop you from digging in.

    You could eat five Beef Tacos instead of one of these babies...and still have room left over for an order of regular nachos (not that you’d want to).

    Normally, we’d suggest sharing a food like this with a couple of friends. But friends don’t let friends eat their way into plus sizes. Needless to say, Mucho Grande Nachos is the perfect food if you don’t mind ending up with mucho grande doctor bills...and a mucho grande posterior.

StarKist: (800) 252-1587.
Bumble Bee: (800) 800-8572.

Taco Bell: (800) 822-6235.
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