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Jan/Feb 2000 — U.S. Edition 

Exploding Ten Exercise Myths

Try a Selection From Our Myth-O-Matic
With the right exercise, you can get rid of trouble spots.

“Some people believe that if they exercise one area, it will cause fat to be removed from that area,” says Rosemary Lindle, a University of Maryland exercise physiologist.
   “In our gym the men, who tend to store their fat in their abdomens, are on the ab machines, and the women are on the total hip machines for hours,” she notes. “But spot-reducing is a myth.”
   Abdominal and hip exercises can strengthen and tone the muscles. But those muscles are underneath the “subcutaneous” layer of fat that gives the lovely appearance of flab. Only losing weight can get rid of excess fat, and where you lose the weight depends on your genes. Losing weight around the waist is easier than losing it at the hips.
   “I tell women to do some strength-training in their upper body to create a better balance between upper and lower body,” says Lindle. “You can build your own natural shoulder pads.”

Illustrations: Loel Barr

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