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Pierogie Paradise

You gotta love a company that specializes in turning out healthier versions of traditionally iffy foods.
   We first heard about Health is Wealth whenHealth is Wealth Pierogies we stumbled across its Tofu Munchees—delicious mini whole-wheat egg rolls that taste for all the world like they’re deep fried. Then we found its tasty whole-wheat-breaded Chicken Nuggets and Chicken-Free Nuggets.
   All were either Thumbs Ups on our back cover or Best Bites in our Brand-Name Ratings.
   Now come Health is Wealth Pierogies. They’re little whole-wheat pasta pillows that are filled with Potato and Onion or Potato and (soy) Cheddar Cheese.
   Three pierogies (about 4½) contain just three grams of fat, none of them saturated. And there are no hydrogenated oils to produce any artery-clogging trans fat. (Sodium, at 450 or 540 milligrams, could be lower, but you can’t have everything.)
   What do you do with a pierogie? Just about anything, as it turns out. You can boil them, steam them, microwave them, or (our vote) stir-fry them in a little olive oil with onions, red peppers, broccoli, or your own favorite vegetable combo.
   Comfort food just doesn’t get any better than that.

Health is Wealth: (609) 728-1998.

Peel Back and Pig Out

“Ready in 40 seconds,” boasts the front of the Tostitos Chips & Cheese Dip Snack Kit.
   That’s right. Just 40 seconds until you can dig into a 480-calorie snack that supplies 31 grams of fat and 1,090 mg of sodium Frito-Lay Tostitos snack kit(nearly half a day’s worth of both), plus a third of a day’s artery-clogging fat—the kind that can make your blood flow sort of like, say, microwaved cheese dip.
   As snacks go, fried tortilla chips like Tostitos are bad enough. They’re just the kind of calorie-dense food that most American bellies and behinds could do without.
   But Frito-Lay now makes it easier to pad your fat cells. It packs the Tostitos into a non-recyclable plastic tray (a challenge for the nation’s landfills) and throws in a cup of cheese-dip concoction (a challenge for the nation’s cardiac-care units).
   The Chips & Salsa Snack Kit has far less saturated fat (replace cheese with salsa and that’s what happens). But at 300+ calories, it’s hardly a diet food.
   Who needs fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks when you can just peel back the plastic cover and pig out?

Frito-Lay: (800) 352-4477.
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