Nutrition Action Healthletter
May 1999 — U.S. Edition


Office picnics, family barbecues, team cookouts: It’s that time of year again...and it’s your turn to bring the salad.
    Instead of your famous potato salad or coleslaw, how about whipping up a crisp, delicious, healthy combo of black beans, sweet corn, and red and green peppers? Or what about broccoli, snap peas, julienned carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts, red peppers, and black olives?
    Too much trouble?
    Can you spell t-h-a-w?
    That’s right. It’s that simple. C&W frozen vegetable salads don’t even require boiling water. Just empty the bag into a colander, run some cold water over the vegetable mix, and Voila! Instant salad.
    Eat it plain or (better yet) mix in a jar of your favorite salsa or fat-free, low-sodium dressing. (If you follow the dressing recipes on the packages, make sure to cut back on the salt, mayo, oil, etc.)
    Whether it’s the Garden Pea, Early Harvest Vegetable, White Corn Pacific Harvest, or Sweet Corn and Black Beans, now you’ve got a healthy and tasty reason to ditch your old-standby mayo-heavy salads.
    You’re more likely to find C&W products on the West Coast than in the East. Hear that, Green Giant? Bird’s-Eye?


Blame it on Starbucks. Its Frappucinos set off the frozen coffee drink stampede a few summers ago. Since then, every chain worth its beans has come up with its own icy, creamy concoction.
    Dunkin’ Donuts shouldn’t have tried so hard.
    Unlike Starbucks’ low-fat Frappucinos (that’s low-fat, not low-calorie or low-sugar), Coolattas have a whole lotta artery-clogging fat. Try 22 grams of total fat—14 of them saturated—in the 16-oz. “small.” Get the 32-ounce “large” and you’re talking more than a full day’s sat fat, 820 calories, and 25 teaspoons of sugar. That’s what happens when you whip up four cups of coffee, sugar, cream, and ice.
    Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t exactly known for being a friend to arteries, but the 28 grams of sat fat in a large Coolatta are what you’d get in a slice of the Cheesecake Factory’s Original Cheesecake. That couldn’t have been what you had in mind when you stopped in for a quick thirst-quencher.
    Coolattas don’t have to be that bad. Order yours with skim milk instead of cream and the sat fat goes to zero. Even decadent whole milk means “only” five grams of sat fat in the large.
    Dunkin’ Donuts Headquarters swears that servers always ask the customer what kind of milk to use. But when we visited a handful of outlets in and around Washington, we always got creamed, so to speak.

Dunkin Donuts—(781) 961-4000 ext. 2699.
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