Policy Options: Promote Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Encourage and Support Fruit and Vegetable Intake Through the School Meals Programs

Provide Schoolchildren Fruits and Vegetables as a Snack

Strengthen and Increase Resources for Your State's 5 A Day program

Conduct demonstration projects to provide economic incentives to increase fruit and vegetable purchases and consumption through the Food Stamp Program (i.e., double value for Food Stamp coupons when purchasing fruits and vegetables).

Revise the WIC food packages to offer more fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, or canned in addition to or in partial or full replacement of juice for women and children). Push for national changes to USDA regulations or conduct demonstration projects/apply for waivers from USDA.

Require that retail stores that redeem WIC coupons stock a minimum of five linear feet of refrigerated fresh fruits and vegetables to qualify for a grocery vendor agreement. For an example of this, see the Administrative Code for Iowa State, Chapter 73.8(4)a(1).

General Accounting Office Report, Fruits and Vegetables: Enhanced Federal Efforts to Increase Consumption Could Yield Health Benefits for Americans, summarizes recommendations for promoting fruits and vegetables and current federal efforts to increase intake.