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Big Oil U.
(Acrobat 273k)
— January 2008

Outbreak Alert! 2008
(Acrobat 2000k)
— Updated 2008

School Foods Report Card 2007
(Acrobat 366k)
— November 2007

Building a Modern Food Safety System: A CSPI White Paper
(Acrobat 204k)
— October 2007

CSPI Comments to the Food and Drug Administration on an Evidence-Based Review System for the Scientific Evaluation of Health Claims
(Acrobat 54k)
— September 2007

Letter to FDA requesting action against Diamond of California for making unapproved health claims
(Acrobat 383k)
— April 2007

Sweet Deals: School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable
(Acrobat 1,670k) — February 2007

35th Anniversary Report: Building a Healthier America
(Acrobat 5,930k) — January 2007

Making the Grade: An Analysis of Food Safety in School Cafeterias
(Acrobat 524k) — January 2007

Raw Deal: School Beverage Contracts Less Lucrative Than They Seem
(Acrobat 3,950k)— December 2006

Outbreak Alert: Updated December 2006
(Acrobat 299k)— December 2006

Outbreak Alert 2005 Line Listing
(Acrobat 397k) — November 2005

Global & Local
Food Safety around the World (Acrobat 2,200k)— June 2005

Name That Cow
U.S. Bse precautions and trade with Canada (Acrobat 415k)
— March 2005

Salt Assault: Brand-name Comparisons of Processed Foods
(Acrobat 195k)— August 17, 2005

Comment on Notice of Emergency Rulemaking: Raw Oysters
(Acrobat 204k) — June 13, 2005

"Cruel Oil" Report Exposes Palm Oil's Impact on Health & Environment
(Acrobat 1,400k)— June 2, 2005

'Forgotten Killer' Salt Kills 150,000 a Year, Says CSPI Report
(Acrobat 2,000k)
— February 24, 2005

Food Labeling: Nutrient Content Claims, General Principles; Health Claims, General Requirements and Other Specific Requirements for Individual Health Claims; Reopening of the Comment Period
(Acrobat 77k) — July 14, 2004

Testimony to US Senate- Hearings on the Dietary Supplement Safety Act: How is FDA Doing 10 Years Later?
(Acrobat 83k) — June 8, 2004

Testimony to the US House of Representatives- Hearings on the Role of the Government in Combating Obesity
(Acrobat 84k) — June 3, 2004

Sowing Secrecy: The Biotech Industry, USDA, and America's Secret Pharm Belt
(Acrobat 322k) — June 2, 2004

Dispensing Junk: How School Vending Undermines Efforts to Feed Children Well
(Acrobat 666k) — May 11, 2004

Outbreak Alert 2004
(Acrobat 1,241k) — April 1, 2004

Outbreak Alert 2004 Line Listing
(Acrobat 350k) — April 1, 2004

Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Food Labeling: Health Claims; Dietary Guidance
(Acrobat 99k) — February 25, 2004

SSRI Use in Children: An Industry-Biased Record
(Acrobat 150k) — February 1, 2004

Pestering Parents—Part I
(Acrobat 5,610k) — November 10, 2003

Pestering Parents—Part II
(Acrobat 8,930k) — November 10, 2003

Pestering Parents—Part III
(Acrobat 6,570k) — November 10, 2003

Pestering Parents: How Food Companies Market Obesity to Children
(Acrobat 290k) — November 10, 2003

Anyone's Guess Report
(Acrobat 2,520k) — November 5, 2003

Starvation Diet Report
(Acrobat 5,688k) — October 29, 2003

Starvation Diet Report Appendices
(Acrobat 188k) — October 29, 2003

Planting Trouble Report Update
(Acrobat 651k) — September 10, 2003

Planting Trouble Report
(Acrobat 593k) — June 19, 2003

Plugging Holes in the Biotech Safety Net
(Acrobat 243k) — January 7, 2003

From Wallet to Waistline: The Hidden Cost of Super Sizing
(Acrobat 183k) — June 18, 2002

Outbreak Alert!: Closing the Gaps in Our Federal Food Safety Net
(Acrobat 490k) — September 19, 2002

CSPI Petitions FDA to Adopt GAO Recommendations on Functional Foods
(Acrobat 83k) — March 21, 2002

Outbreak Alert! Closing the Gaps in Our Federal Food-Safety Net
(Acrobat 953k) — Updated October 2001

Death on the Half Shell
— July 9, 2001

National Opinion Poll on Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods
— May 15, 2001

Comments of Michael Jacobson, Executive Director of CSPI, at the Commissioners' Consumer Roundtable
— December 13, 2000

From World Chemical News: CSPI Emerges as Major Player in Global Food Politics
— September 13, 2000

Letter to FDA Regarding Plan to Strengthen Genetically Modified Foods Regulations
— August 11, 2000

The Genetically Modified Food Fight (Acrobat 22k)
This Op-Ed appeared in the April issue of Western Journal of Medicine
Related link: FDA Announcement on Bioengineered Foods "Step Forward but Not Enough"
— April 2000

Listing of Functional Foods Named in CSPI"s Complaints to the FDA
— July 18, 2000

Tax Junk Foods!
— June 1, 2000 

Small Taxes on Soft Drinks and Snack Foods to Promote Health
(Acrobat 47k) — June 2000

Obesity Epidemic "Deadly Result" of Societal Shifts in the 20th Century
(Acrobat 1,157k) — January/February 2000

ADHD Report and Parent's Guide

"Diet, ADHD & Behavior: A Quarter-Century Review"
(Acrobat 318k) — September 1999

Functional Foods: Public Health Boon or 21st Century Quackery?
— March 1999

Liquid Candy: "How Soft Drinks are Harming Americans' Health"
— October 1998

Protecting the Crown Jewels of Medicine: A strategic plan to reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance
—  May 1998

International Harmonization of Food Safety and Labeling Standards: Threats and Opportunities for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture
— June 1997

Scrambled Eggs: How a Broken Food Safety System Let Contaminated Eggs Become a National Food Poisoning Epidemic
—  May 1997

Diner's Guide to Health and Nutrition Claims on Restaurant Menus
— April 1997