Food Safety: Legislation

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Legislation—110th Congress

CSPI has worked for years to modernize food safety laws in the United States, by working with members of Congress to write legislation, testifying in food safety hearings, and collaborating with industry and consumer groups to advocate for increased food safety funding. Recent nationwide outbreaks have exposed extensive gaps in protections of the food supply, prompting a number of hearings in Congress and introduction of proposed food safety legislation. CSPI has analyzed the pending bills below.

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Bill Name

S. 654/H.R. 1148, Safe Food Act
H.R. 3624, Consumer Food Safety Act  
H.R. 3610, Food and Drug Import Safety Act            
S. 1776, Imported Food Security Act                
S. 1274/H.R. 2108, Human and Pet Food Safety Act                
S. 2077, Fresh Produce Safety Act            
H.R. 3484, SAFER Meat, Poultry, and Food Act                  
H.R. 3485, TRACE Act                    
H.R. 2997, Assured Food Safety Act                
S. 2081, Food and Product Responsibility Act                    
H.R. 3937, Food Import Safety Act                  
S. 1292, Meat and Poultry Products Traceability and Safety Act