Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King / Trans Fat


In 2006, on behalf of private plaintiffs, CSPI Litigation filed suit against Kentucky Fried Chicken (“KFC”) based on its use of trans fat in its foods and failure to warn customers of the risks.  Finally banned by the Food and Drug Administration in 2015 because of its connection to coronary artery disease, at the time, KFC’s Extra Crispy Combo contained 15 grams of trans fat.  Shortly after the suit was filed, KFC agreed to cease its use of trans fat in cooking, and the suit was withdrawn. 

CSPI undertook a similar litigation against Burger King in 2007.  Although dismissed on procedural grounds, Burger King quickly agreed to halt it use of trans fat in cooking as well.

See also CSPI Petition to the FDA to Ban Trans Fats.