Nutrition Policy

Hillary Caron

Hillary Caron is a Senior Policy Associate at CSPI with a focus on state and local policy.  Prior to joining CSPI, Hillary held several senior level positions at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Previously, she was a staffer for the Senate Agriculture Committee during the development and passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  Hillary earned a J.D. from NYU School of Law and a B.A. in Public Policy and African & African American Studies from Duke University.

Joelle Johnson

Joelle Johnson is a Senior Policy Associate at CSPI and works on policy and advocacy efforts that support healthy eating with a specific focus on the retail environment. Prior to joining CSPI she was a program manager for the Food Literacy Project, a farm-based food system education organization in Louisville, KY, and a local food procurement coordinator for DC Central Kitchen. Joelle is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health where she earned her Master in Public Health with a concentration in food and nutrition.

Margo Wootan

Margo Wootan is Vice President for Nutrition at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, named as the top-ranked Nonprofit for National Childhood Nutrition/Health by Guidestar’s Philanthropedia. She was named one of the “Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink” by Fortune magazine, a “Food Hero” by Eating Well magazine, and recognized by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for her leadership in public policy. Dr. Wootan received her B.S. in nutrition from Cornell University and her doctorate in nutrition from Harvard University’s School of Public Health. Wootan has led successful campaigns to require calorie counts on restaurant menus and menu boards, eliminate artificial trans fat, raise nutrition standards for school foods, reduce junk-food marketing aimed at children, and expand nutrition and physical activity pro­grams at CDC. She co-founded and leads both the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity and the Food Marketing Workgroup.

Wootan is a powerful voice shaping the national nutrition debate. She is quoted regularly in the nation’s major media and appeared in the movies Super Size Me and Fed Up.