CSPI Reaction To Frito-Lay/Dr. Cooper Nutrition Initiative

Statement Of CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson


It’s nice to see that Frito-Lay is starting to worry about the nutritional profile of its snack foods. It should worry, because many of its products are high in fat and salt and largely devoid of vitamins and minerals.

Eliminating trans fats, which promote heart disease, would be a valuable step in the right direction. But adding dried broccoli flakes to potato crisps would be a marketing gimmick, not a health measure.

As for Dr. Cooper’s endorsements, I hope he is not even considering endorsing products made with olestra, the most-complained about food additive in history, or that are heavily contaminated with cancer-causing acrylamide. It’s not clear to me why a respected health advocate would endanger his reputation by endorsing frivolous fun foods, instead of promoting fruits, vegetables, and other foods that really promote health. Real health foods are found in the produce aisle, not the junk food aisle. 

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