Time To Implement Policies To Curb Obesity In Kids, Says CSPI

Statement of CSPI Nutrition Policy Director Margo G. Wootan on


Today’s report from the National Academies’ Institute of Medicinerecommends many familiar and sensible measures for curbing the alarming rates of obesity among America’s kids. Like the IOM, we favor putting more nutrition information in restaurants, helping kids avoid soda, developing guidelines for marketing food to kids, and funding media campaigns.

But frankly, how many more of these reports do we need before the government actually starts adopting some of these policies? How many more kids will start on a lifetime of disease before the nation starts treating this epidemic like an epidemic?

It’s time for action. If we don’t act, America’s kids will just get heavier and unhealthier. While the food industry places all the blame on parents and the young victims of this epidemic, the IOM report makes it clear that industry, government, and communities also need to do their part.

In the current environment, parents don’t stand a chance. Congress should help parents by requiring calories and other nutrition information on chain-restaurant menus, getting junk foods out of schools, and by directing the Federal Trade Commission to restrict the advertising of junk foods to kids. 

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