CSPI to NCAA: Time to Revisit Beer Ads

Statement of CSPI Alcohol Policies Project Director George A. Hacker


For too long, efforts to combat underage drinking on campus have been undermined by millions of dollars in beer advertising on college sports--advertising that reaches millions of kids below the legal drinking age. We stand in strong support of Representative Tom Osborne’s effort to encourage the NCAA and its member schools to pledge to end all alcohol advertising during college sports programming.

When the NCAA Division 1 Board of Directors meets in April to review its alcohol advertising policy it should note how many of its member colleges have already made such a commitment. Today that number stands at 227--some 22 percent of the NCAA. This effort also has the support of many college coaching greats including John Wooden, Dean Smith, Joe Paterno and Rene Portland, and Jim Calhoun.

It is time for the NCAA to look up at the scoreboard and realize that time is running out on alcohol advertising on college sports.

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