CSPI Applauds NJ Governor on School Foods Improvements

Statement of CSPI Executive Director Michael Jacobson


Acting Governor Richard Codey deserves applause from New Jersey parents for promoting and protecting children's health by ridding the state's schools of soft drinks and candy. New Jersey is the first state to take this historic step, and we hope that many others will quickly follow its lead. Sodas and other sugary drinks are the single biggest source of calories and added sugars in the diets of teenagers. Only 2 percent of children meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s five main recommendations for a healthy diet. Particularly in light of skyrocketing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes among children, junk foods have no place in schools.

Another Governor, Connecticut's Jodi Rell, has a similar opportunity to advance children’s health, in the form of sweeping legislation that would also take much soda and junk food out of that state's schools. We strongly encourage her to side with Connecticut's parents and children, and not with the soda and junk-food marketers who have tried so hard to kill this important bill.

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