Senate Move on FDA Funding Praised

Statement of CSPI Food Safety Director Caroline Smith DeWaal


Along with my colleagues in the Alliance for a Stronger FDA, I stand in strong support of Senator Herb Kohl's move to include $275 million in new funding for the Food and Drug Administration in the pending emergency supplemental appropriations bill. Virtually no one, inside or outside Congress, believes that the FDA has the resources necessary to assure the safety of Americans' food, drugs, and medical devices. The proof hits home for American consumers every day.

How many more Americans must come down with a dangerous foodborne illness before Congress acts? How many more nationwide recalls or outbreaks will it take before the FDA is given the resources it needs to keep consumers safe?

We urge all members of the Appropriations Committee and the leadership of both chambers of Congress to support Senator Kohl's amendment. The need for this new funding is critical. 

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