MillerCoors Drops Offensive Sparks Ads on

Statement of CSPI Alcohol Policies Director George A. Hacker


The Beer Institute has notified CSPI that MillerCoors has decided to eliminate its offensive, degrading, and ill-intentioned ad campaign for Sparks on the web site. But that move does not merit praise. Like a mugger taking a day off, MillerCoors is probably just taking a breather before testing new ways of exploiting the youth market with ads for a dangerous product. Sparks is formulated specifically to mask the intoxicating effects of its alcohol content, and is still marketed with unacceptable techniques designed to appeal to the youngest of drinkers.

Today,our lawyers are instructing MillerCoors to preserve any documents related to the Entourage ad campaign since those documents will likely figure prominently as evidence when our lawsuit against the company proceeds to trial. 

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