Foods With Contaminated Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Recalled

Statement of CSPI Food Safety Attorney Sarah Klein


The massive voluntary recall announced today by Basic Food Flavors, Inc.—of products containing a widely used flavor enhancer, hydrolyzed vegetable protein,—is yet more proof that the Food and Drug Administration needs more authority, more inspectors, and more resources to ensure that our food supply is safe. Fortunately, this recall has been started before any illnesses have been linked to this strain of Salmonella.

Most Americans would be stunned to learn that FDA doesn't even have the authority to make recalls like these mandatory. And it's worth asking: When was the last time an FDA inspector visited this particular facility in Nevada? This is why the Senate must act now to pass the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, so that the agency can help prevent contamination in the first place, rather than chase down tainted products long after they've left the manufacturer. 

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