House Child Nutrition Bill Promotes Good Nutrition for Kids

Statement of CSPI Nutrition Policy Director Margo G. Wootan


The Center for Science in the Public Interest applauds Chairman George Miller for pulling together a strong child nutrition bill. The bill would do much to help support and promote healthy eating by children. Like the Senate child nutrition bill, it is the beginning of the end for junk food and sugary drinks in schools. There also are a number of provisions to increase resources, technical assistance, and training to improve the nutritional quality of school meals. The bill would expand nutrition education in schools and strengthen school nutrition and physical activity wellness policies.

The clock is ticking for child nutrition. While Congress has a lot on its plate, it needs to address what's on children's plates—and soon. In order to ensure that the strong reforms in the House and Senate child nutrition bills reach children as soon as possible, the full Senate needs to pass the bipartisan bill that was unanimously passed out of the Senate Agriculture Committee. The House also should move quickly to pass Chairman Miller's child nutrition package.

Both the House and Senate child nutrition bills contain a historic agreement between health groups and food and beverage companies to improve the nutritional quality of foods sold out of vending machines and other venues outside of school meals. Getting junk food out of schools is important for improving children's diets and ensuring that those so-called competitive foods don't undermine the school lunch program.