CSPI Applauds USDA's New Healthy Eating Plate

Statement of CSPI Nutrition Policy Director Margo G. Wootan


USDA's new healthy eating graphic is a huge improvement over the inscrutable food pyramid.

While no one graphic can communicate every nuance of healthy eating, this easy-to-understand illustration will help people remember what their own plate should look like. It likely will shock most people into recognizing that they need to eat a heck of a lot more vegetables and fruits. Most people are eating about a quarter of a plate of fruits or vegetables, not a half a plate as recommended.

Wisely, USDA is investing in a comprehensive campaign to get the new food plate and key healthy eating messages out to the public. USDA's simple messages, such as “switch to low-fat milk” and “drink water instead of sugary drinks,” prioritize the 95-page Dietary Guidelines for Americans into key dietary actions that can help people avoid heart disease, diabetes, and other nutrition-related health problems.

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