Four Food Giants Create New Policy Alliance, Further Eroding Grocery Manufacturers Association’s Influence

Statement of CSPI Vice President for Nutrition Margo G. Wootan


Not all food companies are equal. Some are adapting to consumers’ growing enthusiasm for a healthier food supply by supporting progressive food policies, while others remain stuck in the past. Unilever United States; Nestlé USA; Mars, Incorporated; and Danone North America are among the companies that have distinguished themselves by advocating for sodium reduction, Nutrition Facts labeling improvements, curbs on marketing to kids, and other issues that support families’ ability to eat well. Today, those companies have further distinguished themselves by creating the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance. CSPI welcomes the alliance and looks forward to working with it to make continued progress on nutrition, food safety, transparency, and more.

The new alliance further marginalizes the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which has been steadily losing members, staff, and influence. GMA, long a barrier to progress on nutrition, should view the alliance as yet another sign that it needs to moderate its agenda and do more to support—not undermine—consumers’ ability to eat healthfully.


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