Integrity in Science Database

Corporate Funding of Scientists


The Center for Science in the Public Interest's Integrity in Science (ISS) Project investigated, exposed, and sought to reduce corporate influence on science and science-based public policy. Among other activities, CSPI developed a database of corporate funding of scientists and physicians.  The last entries were made in 2009.  You can do your own conflict of interest research in the database of over 4,000 scientists. The database is not comprehensive and does not imply that anyone acted improperly or that the results of industry-funded activities are invalid. Likewise, not being listed in the database should not be interpreted as the absence of corporate ties. The last entries in the database were made in 2009.

You should consider the listed information as a complement to other information, and we urge you to independently verify all information. The accuracy of the list cannot be guaranteed because CSPI cannot independently verify all citations. However, we only use usually reliable sources, such as scholarly publications, news articles, résumés, industry bulletins, federal agencies, corporate and university websites, conference programs, and direct contacts. Listings do not generally include connections to non-profit entities. Some information came from undated documents or résumés. In such cases, entries list the date CSPI received that information. Whenever available, we have disclosed the specific amount of funding. We welcome any corrections as well as additional relevant information.