Is gluten to blame for your GI symptoms?

By NAH Editorial Staff


Researchers tested whether gluten matters for people without celiac disease.

In a recent study, researchers gave 20 people with suspected non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) two muffins a day made with or without gluten (11 grams) for eight days each. The participants were all on gluten-free diets and didn’t know which muffins they were eating.

Only four of the 20 correctly identified the days on which they had eaten the muffins with gluten. However, they reported no more symptoms on those days.

The other 16 participants reported more symptoms on the days they ate the gluten-free muffins.

What to do

Got GI distress? Don’t assume that gluten is to blame. (And if you do have celiac disease, don’t rely on “gluten-digesting” pills.)

What may help: In a handful of studies, people with irritable bowel syndrome who cut back on FODMAPs (a group of poorly-absorbed carbohydrates) reported fewer IBS symptoms. Read our post to learn more about the low FODMAP diet.

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The information in this post first appeared in the May 2018 issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter

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