Here’s What Not to Order at Einstein Bros Bagels

It's like eating four Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


“Our fresh-baked muffins, coffee cakes, cookies and bagel poppers are available in a variety of flavors and make the perfect snack or addition to any breakfast or lunch,” says the Einstein Bros Bagels website.

Talk about a per­fect snack. The Choc­olate Chip Coffee Cake at Einstein (or its sister chain Noah’s) may look snack-size, but it squeezes 830 calories between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Unless you’re also squeezing in an eight-mile run, those calories are likely to get tucked away in growing—or brand new—fat cells, where you may nev­er burn them.

Then there’s the bonus 15 grams of saturated fat (¾ of a day’s worth) plus 15 teaspoons of added sugar (roughly a two-day supply) and the nice dose of white flour.

It’s like eating two Starbucks Classic Coffee Cakes or four Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts or one (meal-size) Cinnabon Classic Roll.

What snack or addition to any breakfast or lunch could be more perfect? The closest you’d come at Einstein would be, say, a 700-calorie large (24 oz.) Frozen Caramel Macchi­ato or a 790-calorie Applewood Bacon & Spinach Panini.

Of course, the panini would be a meal. The coffee cake is just a snack.

To tell the company what you think of this unhealthy menu item, call Einstein Bros Bagels at 303-568-8000 or visit the Einstein or Noah website.