This Pint of Ice Cream Crams in More Than Half a Day’s Calories

A single pint of Magnum Milk Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream contains more than 1/2 a day's calories.

“Magnum Tubs offer a new, multisensory way to enjoy Magnum Ice Cream that is unlike anything available in the category today,” said Unilever (Magnum’s parent company) in a January press release.

“The sides of the Magnum Tub are encased in a shell of chocolate, which preserves the iconic chocolate crack that ice cream lovers hear upon biting into a Magnum Ice Cream bar.”

Translation: You experience the excitement of squeezing the container to crack the chocolate casing before digging in. Isn’t it amazing what flagging sales—and a little competition from low-cal up-start Halo Top—can do to a company’s creative juices?

Multisensory? Does that mean you’ll be able to feel your insulin surging from the sugar and your arteries choking from the saturated fat?

Thanks to the new Nutrition Facts label—kudos to Magnum for rolling it out before the 2020 deadline—you don’t need a calculator to know what’s in a serving (⅔ cup)…or in the entire pint. (Yes, Virginia, that’s a serving for some.)

A pint of the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut delivers 1,020 calories, 39 grams (a two-day supply) of saturated fat, and 69 grams (16 teaspoons) of added sugar.

The Milk or White Chocolate Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Raspberry are in the same ballpark.

It’s like eating half a tub (three cups) of Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream topped with five pats of butter. Of course, you’d have to get your crack somewhere else.

Photo: Jen Urban/CSPI.

The information in this post first appeared in the June 2018 issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter.

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