Healthy Checkout

Raley's healthy checkout stand
Advocates in Grand Rapids and Lansing Launch Grassroots Campaign Targeting the Michigan-based Retailer

Ask Meijer for Healthier Options at Checkout

Meijer, the 7th largest supermarket in the country, states that “offering products and services to help our customers lead healthier lives” is a core value. We are asking Meijer to stand behind its core values and remove junk food from checkout in each of its stores in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Urge Retailers to Offer Healthier Options at Checkout

The retail food environment should support shoppers’ health, not undermine it.  Starting with checkout—one of the most profitable and unhealthy areas of the store, where extra calories are pushed on shoppers (they’re called impulse purchases for a reason)—CSPI is asking Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and Walgreens to rethink the foods and beverages that are sold near the cash register and instead offer products that support shoppers’ efforts to eat well.


Ask Supermarkets to Remove Junk Food from Checkout

Supermarkets should stop pushing soda and candy on their customers at checkout and offer healthy choices instead. Join us in asking Walmart, Kroger, and other major supermarkets to do right by their customers and remove junk food from checkout.