Statement of CSPI Policy Associate Cassie Ramos

Tell Congress: Stop Pork Deregulation!

An important measure to protect pork inspection is being considered in Congress—but we still need your help. In June, the U.S. House of Representatives approved language in the 2020 federal funding bill that would block the US Department of Agriculture from deregulating pork inspection.

Act today: one million kids could lose access to school meals under Trump proposal

The Trump Administration has proposed taking away Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) benefits from children, seniors, and hardworking low-income Americans. This means many children from low-income families would no longer qualify for healthy school meals. The government’s latest analysis estimates nearly one million children could lose their existing access to free and reduced-price school meals. This is in addition to the three million people who would already lose access to SNAP food assistance.

Help Stop Swine Slaughter Deregulation

Despite massive public opposition, the Trump administration's USDA is moving forward with plans to privatize and deregulate meat inspection. Not only are they privatizing work performed by USDA inspectors, they are removing caps on slaughter line speeds and pushing forward without a Salmonella testing standard in place.

Statement of CSPI Deputy Director of Regulatory Affairs Sarah Sorscher

Tell USDA to Prevent Misleading “No Nitrates” Claims on Processed Meat

Tell the USDA to stop requiring that processed meat be labeled as “Uncured,” and/or “No Nitrate or Nitrite Added*” when they have been processed using non-synthetic sources of added nitrate and nitrite, such as celery powder. These claims are misleading, and could be tricking consumers into believing that some processed meat is healthier, when that’s not the case.

CR Tests Find Deli Meats Labeled “Uncured” or “No Nitrate or Nitrite Added” Have Nitrite Levels Similar To Traditionally Cured Meats