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Urge the Montgomery County Council to support healthier restaurant kids' meals!

Montgomery County families are too often faced with unhealthy options at restaurants, with kids' menu items high in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar. Tell the Montgomery County Council to pass legislation to give us the option to eat healthier!

Father and son

Address food insecurity among DC seniors

The District of Columbia has the highest rate of food insecurity among older adults in the nation. Urge the DC City Council to set a public hearing on the No Senior Hungry bill!

Tell the U.S. Senate to Pass the Build Back Better Act

The Build Back Better Act will expand access to free school meals and provide additional food assistance in the summer months to children. It also includes $250 million to help schools support healthier meals as well as $30 million to improve school kitchens. What's more, this critical legislation expands the child tax credit. Now that the U.S. House has passed the Build Back Better Act, it moves on to the U.S. Senate. Please tell your senators to vote YES.

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Close the Online Food Labeling Loophole

Online food ordering has exploded in recent years, but consumers purchasing foods online do not always have access to the same information that they have when purchasing foods in brick-and-mortar restaurants and retailers. Call on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue guidance on how food labeling regulations apply online.
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Ask Congress to Cosponsor the Food Labeling Modernization Act

The Food Labeling Modernization Act will strengthen food labeling requirements to promote public health and nutrition. Urge your member of Congress to take advantage of food labeling as an important tool for protecting consumers and promoting healthy diets.

Keep Soda in the Soda Aisle

Consumption of excess sugar is linked to diabetes and heart disease, yet soda and other sugary beverages can be found all around us at the grocery store—in nearly 30 locations on average. Sign our petition to tell companies to keep soda in the soda aisle where it belongs.

Urge restaurants to serve kids better

Restaurants are no longer making progress on kids' menus. Please take a minute to send a quick email to the top restaurant chains and help set a healthier norm for our kids.
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Support Schools in Providing Healthier Meals in the Build Back Better Act

We must ensure school meals are as healthy as possible, and that all children can access healthy school meals. Please tell your representative to support the Build Back Better Act to invest in our families, our kids, and our schools.
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Join us to take on Big Soda. Take the pledge!

Sugary drinks can be found, on average, in 30 different places within a grocery store, allowing grocers and manufacturers to maximize profit at the expense of consumers’ health. Sign your name to tell grocery stores and manufacturers to keep soda in the soda aisle where it belongs, so consumers have an easier time making healthier choices for themselves and their families.

Keep Healthy School Meals for All Students

Congress is taking up the American Families Plan—legislation that will impact 30 million children who receive breakfast and lunch from school. We must ensure school meals remain free for all students. Please take action today.

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