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Tell Congress that Americans Don’t Deserve Second-Rate Protections

Dirty food, dirty air, dirty water—that’s what we’ll get if we don’t stop Congress from passing the Big Business Protection Act.  (Okay, the real, but deceptive, name of the bill is the Regulatory Accountability Act). Ask your senators to oppose it now.

Oppose the Anti-Menu Labeling Bill

The anti-menu labeling bill, the so-called Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act (S.261/HR.772), is neither common sense nor provides more nutrition information. The industry-backed bill would make it harder for customers to understand and obtain calorie and other nutrition information at many restaurants and similar food establishments.

Urge Senate to Reject Anti-Health, Anti-Worker Picks for Top Government Posts

Please email your Senators and ask them to vote against the confirmation of Representative Tom Price (R-GA) for Secretary of Health and Human Services and fast-food tycoon Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor.

For health insurance and prevention: oppose repeal of Affordable Care Act

We need your help to protect access to healthcare for millions of Americans and protect these important nutrition and prevention provisions that help to keep people well. Can you take a minute to email your members of Congress today?

Ask Supermarkets to Remove Junk Food from Checkout

Supermarkets should stop pushing soda and candy on their customers at checkout and offer healthy choices instead. Join us in asking Walmart, Kroger, and other major supermarkets to do right by their customers and remove junk food from checkout. 

Ask Chili’s To Drop Sugary Drinks

Applebee’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, and even McDonald’s have revamped their menus in recent years to remove soda from their kids’ menus. But Chili’s continues to push soda for kids. Please take action now to urge Chili’s to clean up its kids’ menu.

Tell Jel Sert to remove food dyes from Pop Ices!

Synthetic food dyes can trigger hyperactivity and other behaviors in some kids. Urge the maker of Pop Ice and Fla-Vor-Ice to drop dyes from ice pops.

Tell Little Debbie to ditch food dyes!

Little Debbie Swiss Rolls are brown and white, but contain enough yellow, red, and blue dyes in just one serving to trigger hyperactivity in susceptible kids. Tell the company to get rid of the dyes.

Support the Stop Subsidizing Childhood Obesity Act

The federal tax code allows companies to deduct marketing and advertising expenses from their income taxes, including expenses for marketing junk food to children.  The Stop Subsidizing Childhood Obesity Act would eliminate the deduction for junk food marketing to children, which could raise $550 million per year in tax revenue and prevent obesity in one million children. 

Please take a minute to email your members of Congress today to support the bill.

Oppose HR 5003, the Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016

The partisan House child nutrition reauthorization bill, Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016 (H.R. 5003), would significantly weaken school nutrition standards for meals and snacks and beverages (Smart Snacks) and decrease access to school meals for low-income children. 

Please take a minute to email your Representative today to oppose H.R. 5003.