CSPI is hiring for a number of jobs and internships. Find out more about our positions here.

CSPI is an aggressive non-profit consumer organization conducting innovative programs in nutrition and food safety. CSPI publishes Nutrition Action Healthletter, one of the nation's premier health newsletter. CSPI strives to provide useful, objective information to the public, represent citizens' interests before legislative, regulatory, and judicial bodies, and ensure that advances in science are used for the public's good. CSPI is supported by subscribers to Nutrition Action Healthletter, donors, and by foundation grants.

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Working with the Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs, this position facilitates a coalition and works with advocates to pass state and local school food policies. This position will also support federal legislative, regulatory, and litigation activities on school meals.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, one of the nation’s leading scientific advocacy organizations, seeks a policy-savvy scientist to help establish and push for coherent, health-driven standards, policies, and incentives to improve the safety of additives used in food and reduce unwanted contaminants in food.

CSPI was started in 1971 by three scientists who saw the need for an organization to evaluate the effects of science and technology on society and to promote national policies responsive to consumers' interests. CSPI focuses primarily on food and health issues, exposing and addressing deceptive marketing practices, risky food additives and contaminants, and industry practices that make it hard for people to eat well.