FDA Issues Flawed Rule on Substances Recognized as “Safe” in Food

Statement of CSPI Deputy Director of Nutrition Policy Jessica Almy


Americans rely on the Food and Drug Administration to ensure our food supply is safe. Today, the FDA failed to live up to that responsibility when it issued a rule on substances that may be added to the food supply because they are generally recognized as safe, or GRAS.

Decisions about the safety of substances in our food supply should be transparent and unbiased. However, today’s rule gives companies a green light to make decisions about which substances are GRAS and can be added to foods—without even informing the FDA. The new rule also fails to ensure that the experts that make these decisions do not have conflicts of interest.

The FDA should not allow companies to make secret, potentially biased determinations about which substances are safe enough for American families. CSPI is sorely disappointed by the agency’s action today.

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