A Dangerous Big Business Giveaway


Americans demand clean food, air, and water, depend on safe products and want big corporations to be held accountable when they put families in harm’s way.

The Regulatory Accountability Act would ensure the opposite. We've called it the "Filthy Food Act" because it would prevent new protections from deadly bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. It would block protections from pesticides and known carcinogens and keep agencies from issuing common-sense safeguards that provide transparency for products, including food.

Big corporations and polluters would benefit while workers, consumers and families would get sick.

The RAA would impair the functioning of government, making it virtually impossible for agencies to develop new safeguards in any area – even safeguards explicitly required by Congress. It would change the operations of government more profoundly than any piece of legislation since the Great Depression. And it must be stopped. 

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