Food Allergens


As a national leader in food safety and labeling, fighting for stronger food allergen safeguards has long been a core part of our mission. We continue to press for improvements so that all consumers can enjoy access to healthy foods without fear of deadly risk.

National Major Allergen Labeling

CSPI pushes for uniform national safeguards to minimize unnecessary allergen exposure and promote better labeling transparency.  We fueled the push for national food allergen labeling with a petition to the FDA for allergen labeling that helped inspire the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) of 2004. We continue to work to bring uniform allergen labeling to foods regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, and press for allergen labeling in restaurants with the Food Labeling Modernization Act, which requires point-of-sale major allergen labeling for non-prepackaged foods.

Specific Allergen Labeling

CSPI has also led the charge in requiring transparent nationwide labeling for specific life-threatening allergens: